Summarized version of a news article optimised for iPhone

Nick D'Aloisio launched Summly in December 2011 as a tech summarization prototype that garnered significant interest worldwide. With backing from Horizons Ventures, and help from many natural language processing and artificial intelligence experts around the world, Nick and the Summly team have been able to further develop summarization technology, the first result being the new Summly mobile news app.

Angel Investors and Advisors include; Ashton Kutcher, Betaworks, Brian Chesky, Hosain Rahman, Jessica Powell, Joanna Shields, Josh Kushner, Mark Pincus, Matt Mullenweg, Shakil Khan, Spencer Hyman, Stephen Fry, Troy Carter, Vivi Nevo, Yoko Ono and many more. We are also working closely with News Corporation on the summarization of their content.

Executive Team

  1. Nick D'Aloisio (Founder)

    Nick has been creating iPhone apps since 2008 which included Facemood and SongStumblr prior to Summly. He also enjoys art, typography, chair design, cricket, philosophy and seeing his friends.

  2. Bart Swanson (Chairman)

    Bart helps companies scale globally. Previously he was the COO at Badoo, an MD at GSI Commerce International, a GM at Amazon.com (helping lead the international expansion from 1998-2001), and was an MD at EMI Music Europe.

  3. Eugene Ciurana (CTO)

    Eugene has over 20 years experience of deploying scalable, real-time, mission critical systems for Badoo, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase, Rakuten, Credit Suisse, Oracle, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and several others.

  4. Inderjeet Mani (Head, R&D)

    Inderjeet is a well-known expert in automatic summarization and NLP who is about to publish his seventh book and 92nd paper. His jobs have included being a Visiting Fellow at the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University, a Research Scholar in Computer Science at Brandeis University, and a Senior Principal Scientist at The MITRE Corporation.

  5. Christer Samuelsson (Senior Engineer)

    Christer is on the third decade of an Odyssey of natural language processing and machine learning, making port at top-notch research institutes, universities, and start-ups (including stints as a VP of Fixed Income Research at Lehman Brothers and working at Xerox Research Center Europe). He holds a PhD in computer science and an M.Sc. in engineering physics and has published "too many articles" and developed more software than any situation ever called for.

  6. John Henderson (Business Development & Operations Manager)

    John is a lawyer, turned management consultant, turned internet executive. He has deep experience with media organisations from roles at The Boston Consulting Group and most recently at Facebook.

  7. Phil Wall (Developer)

    Phil has worked for the last 15yrs in the mobile space, focussing on the monetization of value added services and social networking. Previous positions include Head of Development at iTouch, Handmade Mobile (Flirtomatic) and FlashSales Ltd.

  8. Frank Meehan (Board)

    Currently the Founder & CEO, Kuato Studios (an AI driven, interactive game company studio scheduled to launch in late 2012), was the former CEO/Founder (INQ Mobile), and a former Board Member of Spotify and Siri, among others.

  9. SRI International

    Douglas E. Appelt, David Israel, Ramesh Nallapati, Norman Winarsky, Eric Yeh, Lynn Voss (and many others).

  10. Many other individuals and companies have also helped launch Summly:

    For creative work and design on the App, Robin Razka of Tapmates has played an incredible role - as one of the major design influencers working closely with Nick to bring Summly to life. The stunning cover page images - that help bring the App alive - are from photographer Kevin Abosch. Thanks also go to the team at Sandwich Video - and especially Adam Lisagor for the spectacular video.

    For iOS development - and lots of other things - we'd like to thank the invaluable contribution of the teams at the Somo Group (Hugo Tayor, Gianna Illenseer, and Carl Uminski) - as well as the amazing group at Caffeinehit (Andy Ashburner, Alen Mujezinovic and Tom Drummond) - and Petr Reichl of Tapmates.

    Our goal at Summly is to continue to work with the best - wherever they are - to bring beauty to life.